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Boeing (707) Boeing(707) (1965) IMDB 6.00(1 189) Full Movie Download

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original title: Boeing (707) Boeing(707)
rating: 6.00(1 189)
The U.S.
Director: John Rich. starring: Tony Curtis, Jerry Lewis, Dani Sava”, Christian SHmidtmer, Suzanne Lee, …
running time: , 103 min.
release date: 1965


The American journalist Bernard Lawrence works in Paris and occurs simultaneously with three flight attendants. As the girls work on the various airlines, and each of them is at home once in three days, they did not suspect about the infidelity of her lover. All goes well until the girls will not change the schedule of flights, allowing you to be at home more often. In addition, in Paris arrives competitor Bernard Robert Reed.

Review: Rating positive reviews: 100% (1) Electro-synth man – 04.03.2012 Oh, Boeing-Boeing.. . On this brilliant, witty and incredibly smeschnoy Comedy directed by John rich, mainly series Director, renounced all three films in the career, we can say briefly and concisely – it is worth to see!… read all ‘
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